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True Believer x No Quarter

[(Animal Cookies X (PNW Purple Indica x Face Off OG Bx1)] x OGKB x (PNW Purple Indica x Face Off OG Bx1)

Flavor:  OG Kush and Cookies with a grape-ish exhale. If you get a very heavy cookies phenotype, expect flavors to range from a rich Black Forest Cake to a creamy, musky, gassy fudge brownie. 

Potency: Average is around the high 20% THC  range with some going as high as the low 30% THC range, with some that are rich in CBG.Effects: Very sedative, narcotic and lazy. Almost as if you just took some NyQuil, and are trying to fight the sleep. There will be a slight amount of  CBD in this cultivar, but not nearly as much as the Mother’s Little Helper. If you like Girl Scout Cookies with some gassiness and a trace of CBD, you’ll be excited to try this. Ease of growth: Mid-ground it has some resistance to powdery mildew. It is about time a Cookies x OG cross is this resistant to powdery mildew. This is one of the best traits about this besides it will yield massive. If you see animal cookies in a cross, except for that cross to yield pretty heavy.

Other Notes:  This could replace some of your other cookies crosses so be sure to give this a try if cookie crosses are what you like! This just might meet, or maybe even exceed your expectations!

Reference: Google “Double Decker Coffin”

Double Decker Coffin

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