NL#5/Haze Bx1 x Hindu Kush

The mother NL5 x NL5/Haze Bx1 in the photo.

Greasy,pine,fuel,hash with a fast finish under 65 days. Fat dark green leaf pattern and short stature.
This girl was pollinated with a wintergreen white gas skunky scented male Hindu Kush from Afghan Selections.
Resulting in a indica dominant poly hybrid mashup of NL5 Haze and the infamous Hindu Kush which will remind the older heads of sticky green high school bong rips from 1986.
55 to 65 for this hierloom and landrace polyhybrid.

Sex: Regular M/F
15 Organic seeds per pack plus Swami Organic Seed Freebie and or W.G.F.T Freebie.

NL#5/Haze Bx1 x Hindu Kush


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