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MaterialSilicone / Glass
Vape TypePortable, Desktop, Multi-Functional
Vaporizer UseConcentrate/Oil/Wax


Proxy Vaporizer by Puffco 

Proxy Vaporizer by Puffco
 is the revolutionary ultra-portable modular vaporizer that encourages dynamic flexibility and opens a whole new world of dabbing possibilities. Traditional dabbing meets innovation through this tasteful, ergonomic glass pipe in a classic Sherlock Holmes style. 

The glass pipe cradles the Puffco Proxy innovative removable base, allowing you to tailor your experience to your specific needs through a whole universe of compatible Puffco accessories & third-party heady glass attachments. The Puffco Proxy is the new face of dabbing innovation for the concentrate market, so say hello to the ultimate modular design built off the incredible piece of E-rig technology that is the Puffco 3D Chamber. The 3D chamber provides four precision heated temperature settings for the more terp-packed experience & thick vapour production. 

The Puffco Proxy Vaporizer by Puffco features Sherlock Holmes-style pipe is a dry top attachment which allows for quick & hassle-free dry hit whilst on the move. Dry Tops have been making a massive wave recently with many consumers reporting better terps as they aren't lost as much to the oxygen and water filtration found in conventional dab rigs & e-rigs. Dry tops don't show any time of slowing down with numerous talented glass artists producing dry tops & as Puffco has demonstrated the modular design will allow for a vast variety of designs to be integrated into the Puffco Proxy experience. 


The Puffco Proxy is in stock now! 

Proxy Vaporizer by Puffco

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